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Price : AUD $110.00
Vendor Finance Lock Box

Vendor Finance Lock Boxes are ideal for Vendor Finance investing. Simply put the keys to a property in the lockbox and set a combination of your choice. Then when have a pre-qualified buyer who wants to look at the house you simply give them the combination for the lock and they can get access to the house without you being there. No more waiting for buyers that never turn up. With this lock you can sell your houses without even having to be there. This is a valuable tool used by all professional vendor finance investors.

Price : AUD $110.00

It’s no secret that signs are the most effective way to market your properties and to attract sellers. These blank yellow signs allow you to personalise them to suit the type of property you are selling or the type of seller you’re trying to attract.

The funny thing is that an “ugly” handwritten sign seems to attract more callers than a sign where the text is “professionally” printed on. This is because people like dealing with real people, not professional salesman like real estate agents. These signs are made of high quality 5mm thick yellow corflute so you know they won’t bend or break easily and the yellow makes them really stand out.

Best of all because there is no “professional artwork”, which makes you look like a salesman, the cost of the signs is dirt cheap! The signs are cut to the perfect size to suit Vendor Finance investors. There are 2 sign packs available.

Option 1: 4 x Large Yard Signs (Approx 600mm x 900mm)
4 x Small Directional Signs (Approx 600mm x 300mm)

This pack is great for selling your houses. Put a few of the Large Yard Signs in the front of the house with “Rent to Own” or “Owner Finance” and then a few small directional signs in the streets nearby to increase the traffic driving by your house.

Option 2: 12 Medium Signs (Approx 600mm x 400mm)

This pack is great for either selling your houses or attracting sellers. You might put “I Buy Houses” on the signs and put them up around the suburbs you are targeting to attract sellers to call you. They are also great as supplementary signs when selling your houses. You might put “No Bank Qualifying” on a sign and put it in the window of the house to really make it stand out.