Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the Property Investor System work for all states in Australia?

A. Yes the Property Investor System works in all state in Australia and will automatically calculate the stamp duty, land titles fees, and First Home Owner Grant amounts for your state.

Q. Does the Property Investor System work for New Zealand?

A. Yes the Property Investor System works in for New Zealand property investors. All the relevant variables are loaded into the system.

Q. Does the Property Investor System track my Deals?

A. Yes the Property Investor System will track your Deals in the Portfolio section. The Portfolio section will track all the deals you enter and give you a summary of your entire portfolio.

Q.Does the Property Investor System track my Clients and Tenants?

A. Yes the Property Investor System will track your Clients and Tenants in the Client section. The Client section will track all the client and tenant details you enter and give you a summary of all your clients and tenants.

Q. Can I cancel my $1 30 days trial?

A. You can cancel your subscription at anytime during the 30 day trial. Simply log into your account. Go to the Account tab and select the Cancel button. Also be aware that by cancelling your account you may lose all your data that is saved in the system.

Q. How much is the Property Investor System subscription?

A. Lifetime subscription for Property Investor System is $1490.

Q. How secure is your payment processing?

A. All credit card and bank account details are stored and process by EziDebit Pty Ltd. All credit card and bank account details entered into the website are encrypted and sent directly to EziDebit Pty Ltd..

Q. How do I get access once I’ve registered?

A. Within the next 24 hours you will receive an email which will ask you to click a link to confirm we have the correct email address. Once you click the link you will automatically be sent an email with all your login details, password.

Q. My confirmation email hasn’t arrived?

A. 95% of the time the email is in the junk/spam folder in your email. If it is not in there then please contact us through the contact us section and we will call you to work out the issue.

Q. Do I need to install the software?

A. No. There is no installation required. The software is on the website. All you need to do is go to the website and log in. This allows you to log in from anywhere in the world!

Q. Can I access my information offline?

A. You can access your information offline by using the “Convert to PDF” button found at the bottom of each calculator. This will convert the page into a PDF that you can save and send for your own reference later. Users have found this to be very successful when using joint venture partners or money partners as it allows you to email them to PDF of the entire deal. The Property Investor System software adds a lot of creditability to your deal as the money partner knows the numbers have come from a highly accurate, specially designed software program. This allows the money partner to feel more comfortable with the numbers and shows that you have professionalism.

Q. Will it work on a MAC?

A. Yes. As the software is on the website all you need is an internet browser.

Q. Is the website secure?

A. Yes the website is very secure. All your information is password protected. You will also receive step by step instructions on how to change your password in your welcome email. It is highly recommended that you do this.

Q. What will happen to my credit card details?

A. All credit card information is processed through Ezidebit Pty Ltd and the Commonwealth Bank and is not stored on our website.

Q. How do I get my tax receipt?

A. Once your payment has been successfully processed our system will automatically generate you a tax receipt within 7 days. The tax receipt can be collected at anytime by:
1. Logging into the website
2. Click the “My Account” tab
3. Click the “View” link under Subscription Payment Receipt section.

Q. How do I learn how to use the Property Investor System?

A. The Property Investor System is extremely easy to use. You simply put in the information you know and click the calculate button. The website also has a range of Tutorials to show you how to use the calculator. These include video tutorials showing you exactly step by step how it all works and also some PDF glossaries that tell you what each field means.