The only Australian system that can analyse, track, and report on


Within minutes you can turn the most complex real estate transaction into something simple to understand and follow
. . . even for first time investors.

  Multiple Strategies

Buy and Hold

  • Gross and Net Yield
  • Before Tax and After Tax Incomes and Returns
  • All 3 Depreciation Methods
  • Tax Credits
  • Capital Growth Rates
  • Rental Growth Rates
  • Inflation
  • Capital Gains Tax and Discounts
  • Capital needed for Neutral Investment
  • Timeframe to Positive Cash flow

Instalment Contracts

  • Calculate your client's repayments
  • Factor in a low “honeymoon interest rate” to get your houses sold quicker and easier
  • Incorporate “Sweat Equity” if you are doing Handyman Specials
  • Include the First Home Owners Grant in your calculations
  • Include the Stamp Duty in the Purchase Price

Lease Options (Rent to Own)

  • Mortgage Comparison Information: Calculate how much Rent and Price Credit to give your client Second Mortgages
  • Whether you are buying or selling using 2nd Mortgage or Deposit Finance you can calculate, track and report all the details of your investment

Joint Venture Agreements

  • Working out a win-win joint venture with an Owner has never been simpler
  • Work out all the profits in the transaction and how and when you are splitting the profits

  And Much More...

  • Compare Strategies – Compare all the different profit strategies with the click of a button so you know what the best strategy is for your property.
  • Customisable PDF Reports with your own company logo. Great for account keeping and also when working with investors. Give your investors' confidence that you know all the figures of the investment.

  Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Tracking

  • Keep track of all your Customers, both Clients and Sellers
  • Know your Customer. The system will show you exactly what your customer's average equity, property value, days on market, and motivation level is and lots more
  • Fully Customisable Sales Pipeline
  • Downloadable PDF and excel reports for record keeping and marketing to help you manage all your leads and customers

Contact Manager

  • Plan for and record all your customer contacts
  • Your own virtual assistant. Set up contact reminders and the system will email you who you need to call that day, along with all the information for those customers

Marketing Manager

  • Set up and track your marketing campaigns for attracting both property Sellers and Clients to buy
  • Fully Customisable Campaign Media
  • Know your Business:
  • How much does it cost to get a lead
  • What is the value of each lead
  • How much is a customer worth at each stage in your sales pipeline
  • What marketing and media type works best
  • What marketing produces the best conversion
  • What marketing produces the most profitable deals
  • Like any profitable business you will know exactly where your marketing dollars are going and be able to predict sales and growth based on the Property Investor System's marketing analysis.

  • Profit Splitting calculations. Work out exactly who's getting what and when at the start of the investment so everything runs smoothly.
  • Highly accurate figures are obtained by incorporating up to date Mortgage Insurance, State specific Stamp Duty and Land Titles Fee, and tax tables.

  Client Qualifier

  • Qualify your clients so quickly that you can do it while you are on the phone with them.
  • Enter before or after tax figures so you don't have to mess about with tax tables and complex accounting formulas to work out if someone qualifies to move into your property.
  • You simply tell the system what the customer's income and debts are and it will tell you what they can afford.

  Portfolio Tracker

  • Track your entire portfolio in real time. The system calculates daily where your property portfolio is up to so you will always have the most up to date information to help you run your portfolio
  • Keep all your property details in one spot
  • Download everything to PDF or Excel for record keeping. Your Accountant will love this!
  • Keep track of your cash flow, equity, averages, and return in one easy to read snapshot.

  Online Access

  • No downloading or installing required and works on all MACs and PCs
  • Software 100% web based – All you need is an internet browser:
  • Access anywhere in the world via your secure login
  • Option to download your data to PDF and Excel for offline access
  • Automatic system upgrades
  • Daily back-ups of all your data